Tina Bache-Wiig

 Founder/President BACH WIGS LLC.

Tina  Bache-Wiig is a professional hairstylists who wants to helps you find the look that is right for your personality and lifestyle.


With 17 yrs experience in hair replacement, she offers both permanent and temporary extensions.  Female-pattern baldness; chemo-related hair loss; thin, lank hair; or just a yen for something new can be addressed with extensions. With new technology, they are gaining popularity. Passionate about her work, Tina continues her training to master the latest techniques in hairstyling to give you that elegant, gorgeous, fun style to suit your individuality.With authentic human hair extensions, thinning hair 

and female pattern baldness are replaced with a thick and natural looking style! To help you get the look you want.


We take the time to consult with you individually, to understand your wants, needs, personality, and to help you find the look that fits your features and lifestyle. From a trendy cut to a revolutionary new style, we can update your look and provide you with the tips and tricks you need to replicate your new look outside of our salon. Our goal is helping you look and feel your best. A full head of luscious silky hair is every woman's true desire. But now what was once a mere dream can become a reality within a single appointment.


We can provide a wig for chemo related hair loss or olapecia  with a single appointment. Our wigs are made with the highest quality, Brazilian and European hair. With the revolutionary Hairdreams™ hair extension system, stylist Tina  Bache-Wiig can give you a gorgeous full head of hair or thicken your natural locks. Hairdreams provides nearly invisible extensions that 
fasten to points of your own hair for a natural yet durable look! If you don't have hair that you like naturally, extensions are the greatest thing!

Experience the Excitement and Fascinating Possibilities