Secrets of a                      Girl


At BACH WIGS, we individually design and hand-sew perfectly tailored wigs to be the EXACT duplicate of a woman's hair! When wearing one of our custom creations - no one's ever the wiser!

But everyone's amazed at how she always looks so together, and they wonder, "Where does she find the time to get life done everyday, and look so together doing it?!"

Well, we'll never tell!

From length, color, highlights and style; from "flat iron straight" to "curly as a Q!"

And THAT'S just one secret of a BACH WIGS Girl!

Private, confidential consultations. One-on-one attention, either in-salon, or via Skype - and we instantly ship, worldwide.

817-903-4095 domestic talk or text

+18179034095 international talk or text

Now, let's toast to all the extra hours you'll have for what matters - when YOU'RE a BACH WIGS Girl! ®


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